Loyd Brendan P. Norella

Program Director
ISEAN HIVOS Program Jakarta

The MPM training module provides valuable insights to practicing project managers. The course provides a good theoretical background for framing real like project management challenges. It also allows for sharing of experiences and learning from different contexts through the class.

Bryan A. Laureano

Call Center Manager

My purpose in attending the master project management is to be familiarize again with the principles of project management. I have read number of PM books, however, having someone who’s expert in PM and with participants who are project managers makes learning more valuable. Plus the fact that you get to build connections and networks to different industries.

Ciara Nicole Songco

Trans Union Information Solutions

As an analyst assigned to a project management role, the program is very helpful to map out what tasks, strategies and improvements I can do to efficiently accomplish things.

Jose Jaime De Rivera

Solutions Exchange Inc.

I’ve learned a lot from this course. The knowledge I’ve gained will truly help me manage projects not only in my job, but also in my everyday tasks. Thank You!

Mark Anthony Frias

Marketing Specialist

I took the Masters in Project Management program to improve on my own project management skills, but the course went beyond my expectations and gave me the tools and techniques I needed to introduce project management to my organization. The experienced provided me a multitude of relevant examples and the exercises prepared me for actually practicing good project management. I discovered that the greatest depth of understanding comes from those who have formal project management education.

Christopher Arzadon

Gen. Manager
Primark Tooling Ind. Corp.

The program/seminar is enlightening. It helped me realize my weaknesses & turn them to strengths.

Carolyn Rose G. Lao

Marketing Manager
RCBC Bankard

The MPM course helped me organized my thoughts in project management fundamentals. From a vast picture of the project management concepts, it came now to a more specific and organize thought process.

Ortañez, Bernardo A. Jr.

Electrical Engineer
Consolidated Building Maintenance Inc.

The trainer/facilitator is excellent and has defined his lecture/subject matter well. However, due to lack of material time, I wasn’t able to comprehend the other matters which I believe is also important.

Hazel B. Alvarez

Project Development Engineering
FDC Utilities Inc.

In summary, I am satisfied with the two day seminar and this venue helped me to refresh what I learned a long-time ago and how to implement it not only on our day-to-day work lives but also in our personal family lives. I have a great respect with the lecturer since I can see that he is living what he is lecturing and his knowledge is a big help to the young managers.

Davi Adeline Paungan

IT Consulting
Synersys Consulting

Being someone with very little experiences with project management, I can say that I learned a lot from this training. I learned, not only through the trainor, but also through my co-trainees. I appreciate that I belonged to a group who have different expertise that gave me insight to their lines of work and new learning’s through firs-hand stories.
Trainor is very good at giving examples. It helped a lot that relates topics to current events and practical situations.

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