Ian Keith Basan


Very good program especially for those that already have the foundation knowledge and in looking for enrichment material

Jocelyn Galapon

Group Manager
Philex Mining Corp.

The program was a wake –up call. In fact this is a review of what I have gone through in the past with more inputs. However, two days was not enough to assimilate all the topics. Nevertheless, the knowledge learned will be a guiding light to become a better manager.

Juan Jose IV. Jamora

General Manager
Consultancy & Managent Corp.

The program was beneficial wherein it help validate some of my ideas and presented my with new ideas, and different and new solutions to problems.

Ortañez, Bernardo A. Jr.

Electrical Engineer
Consolidated Building Maintenance Inc.

The trainer/facilitator is excellent and has defined his lecture/subject matter well. However, due to lack of material time, I wasn’t able to comprehend the other matters which I believe is also important.

Paulo Pantanglo

Project Manager

Attending this session made me appreciate my job as a project manager with the additional & experience shared by my co trainees. More prepared & ready to face any challenge.

Bryan A. Laureano

Call Center Manager

My purpose in attending the master project management is to be familiarize again with the principles of project management. I have read number of PM books, however, having someone who’s expert in PM and with participants who are project managers makes learning more valuable. Plus the fact that you get to build connections and networks to different industries.

Dennis Quiroga

Project Manager

Course is very informative. Highly recommended to practicing PMs.

Senen U. Reyes

Sr. MET Specialist

The program enhanced my knowledge of project management and respond opportunities where I can apply it in the work place.

Carolyn Rose G. Lao

Marketing Manager
RCBC Bankard

The MPM course helped me organized my thoughts in project management fundamentals. From a vast picture of the project management concepts, it came now to a more specific and organize thought process.

Ronald B. Ulep

NCR Corp Phils
Project Manager

Great! This is a good way to learn Project Management.

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